Your Financial Reset Checklist: Moves to Make as We Approach Mid-Year

Strategic Adjustments for Enhanced Financial Health: A Mid-Year Review Guide As we approach the midpoint of the year, it’s an ideal time to review and potentially reset your financial strategies. This period allows you to assess your progress towards your annual goals, adjust your budgets, and fine-tune your investment strategies, too. Here’s a practical mid-year […]

Spring Clean Your Finances: A Comprehensive Guide to Decluttering Your Financial House

Use This Season to Reassess and Refresh Spring ushers in a period of renewal and refreshment, extending an invitation not only to our physical spaces but to our financial lives as well. As the seasons transition, it presents an ideal moment to embark on decluttering your finances, meticulously reviewing your budget, and fortifying your money […]

Spring Money Tips: 7 Ways to Dust Off Your Finances This Season

Use This Season to Reassess and Refresh The season of spring leads many of us to want to dust off the weariness of winter and freshen things up. As the new season approaches, you may also want to think about freshening up your finances. Perhaps you made some financial resolutions in the New Year, and […]

Creating a Lasting Legacy: Strategies for First-Generation Wealth Building

How to Grow and Preserve Your Assets for the Next Generation If you have a desire to build wealth for yourself and your loved ones and you are starting from ground zero, you are considered a first-generation wealth builder. Building generational wealth that will support you and your family now – and for generations to […]

Love and Money: What to Do When Your Spouse Won’t Talk About Finances

If Financial Communication Doesn’t Come Naturally, You’re Not Alone Money conversations with your spouse are imperative when you want to achieve joint goals, and yet they don’t always come easily. Money is a very personal topic, and many people are not accustomed to discussing it. It can be downright perplexing when your spouse refuses to […]

Your Personal Finance Journey: Budgeting and Saving Tips

Budgeting and saving tips to help you optimize your finances.

Balance Your Budget and Your Lifestyle with These Five Tips Creating a budget is easy. Sticking to it is hard. Luckily, following savvy budgeting and saving tips can help. According to recent surveys, 74% of Americans have a monthly budget, but 84% of those with a budget fail to stick to it. If this sounds […]

New Year, New Goals: Planning Your Money Moves for 2024

Money Moves for 2024: A Roadmap to Success

Smart Money Moves: Will You Start the New Year with a Roadmap to Success? The coming of a new year inspires much thinking and planning. You may be looking for ways to structure and organize your life to be prepared for a brand-new year, especially when it comes to your personal finances. As you plan […]

Why We Spend More in the Summer – And How it Impacts Our Long-Term Financial Health

Tips to Avoid Seasonal Overspending This Summer So many of us look forward to summer fun all year long. It’s a season associated with vacations, outdoor activities, and social gatherings, too. Of course, this often means we’re spending more money than usual, which can have long-term implications if we aren’t careful. So, while there is […]

Three Financial Resolutions for Widows in 2024

Positive Steps for Facing New Financial Realities Losing a spouse is a devastating experience. The emotional toll is difficult enough, but many widows also face looming challenges to their finances. According to the most recent data available from Congressional Research Services, 15.5% of widows aged 65 or older live below the poverty line, compared to […]

Navigating Financial Stress During the Holidays

Tips for a Joyful and Budget-Friendly Season The holiday season is often portrayed as a time of joy, togetherness, and celebration. However, for many people, it can also be a source of financial stress and anxiety. The pressure to buy gifts, host gatherings, and partake in festivities can lead to overspending and financial strain. But […]