Tax-Efficient Estate Planning Tips for High-Net-Worth Families

Strategies to Preserve More of Your Wealth Estate planning can be complex, both from a legal and financial perspective, as well as a personal one. Thinking about the end of your life can be fraught with emotions, but it’s an important undertaking if you want to ensure that your assets will be distributed according to […]

Legacy Planning for Families: Passing on Your Values and Wealth

Learn savvy strategies for legacy planning for families.

Tips to Serve Your Family Now and into the Future Through Smart Legacy Planning for Families Affluent individuals often turn to legacy planning for families to ensure that they protect not only their financial standing but also their values and missions. Some of the steps they may take include designating an executor to manage the […]

Estate Planning Essentials: Preserving Your Legacy for Generations

Crafting a Comprehensive Plan to Secure Your Family’s Future Estate planning is not just about managing your assets or distributing wealth; it’s about leaving a legacy that lasts for generations. It’s a way to ensure that your hard-earned assets – and values – are preserved and passed down to your loved ones efficiently and effectively. […]

Begin Estate Planning by Asking Yourself These Three Questions

Develop a Comprehensive Strategy to Ensure Your Wishes Are Honored It can be uncomfortable to contemplate the end of life, but developing a thoughtfully crafted estate plan is crucial. By creating a comprehensive estate plan, you retain control over important decisions such as guardianship for your children and asset management. To ensure your loved ones […]

Passing an Inheritance to Your Children: 8 Important Considerations

Choosing to Leave an Inheritance Can Impact Many Other Financial Planning Decisions If you have worked hard and planned properly, you may be well situated to leave an inheritance to your children. It can feel very meaningful to be able to provide a financial legacy for your loved ones, but it’s important to be practical, […]

Don’t Get Spooked by Estate Planning

Tackle Your Estate Planning Fears and Plan for the Future Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of adults quite like estate planning, and it’s about more than the technicalities of creating a will or a trust. Estate planning brings up anxiety about the end-of-life, fear about what will happen to future generations, and concerns about […]