Small Business Succession Planning: Tips for Entrepreneurs

How to Plan for the Future of Your Company If you’re a business owner, chances are you’ve been so focused on building your company in the present that you haven’t thought quite enough about the future – specifically, business succession planning. Even if handing over the reins seems like a distant moment, it’s a smart […]

Helpful Strategies to Achieve Early Retirement

How to Find Your Way to Financial Freedom – On Your Timeline It’s easy to envision the benefits of early retirement, isn’t it?  You could have more time for the people you love, the chance to travel the world, the opportunity to dig into your hobbies, and whatever else you could dream up. It seems […]

6 Steps to Begin Planning for Next Year’s Taxes Now

These Tips Can Optimize Your Tax Planning Strategy Everyone likes a surprise—except when it comes to their taxes. Taking a more thoughtful approach to planning next year’s taxes can help you get ahead and alleviate your tax burden. The further in advance you start planning for next year’s taxes, the more your financial future will […]

Understanding Stock Options: ISOs, NQSOs & Restricted Stock

How to Use Stock Options to Fund Your Success Employee stock options can be a valuable way to take advantage of your company’s growth and enhance your financial security. However, it’s important to understand the fine print. Each opportunity comes with its own set of rules for how you receive, manage, and maximize it. Not […]

How Practicing Gratitude Can Improve Your Finances

Is Being Thankful the Key to Being Successful? Finance isn’t usually associated with practicing gratitude, but you’d be surprised what a shift in your outlook can do for your income. Adopting an attitude of gratitude can improve your finances in surprisingly powerful ways. Evidence shows that being thankful can actually have a powerful effect on […]